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UCSD's Non-Destructive Evaluation/Structural Health Monitoring (NDE/SHM) Laboratory conducts research in the areas of Non-Destructive Evaluation and Structural Health Monitoring of structural components and structural systems. The laboratory specializes in experimental, computational and theoretical studies on several structural diagnostics techniques and applications. Methods investigated include: ultrasonic testing, acoustic emission testing, vibrational testing, infrared thermography testing, laser metrology, and several strain/stress measurement techniques. These techniques are being applied to a large variety of structures, spanning the civil engineering, aerospace engineering, and mechanical engineering fields.

Experimental facilities in this lab include: vibration-isolated tables, high-power Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers, various CW lasers and interferometers, several high-speed data acquisition systems, full collection of acoustic/ultrasonic transducers including piezoelectric, air-coupled and magnetostrictive sensors, several RITEC systems for high-power ultrasonic testing, 8-channel Acoustic Emission system, modal testing equipment, high-speed (1000 fps) digital cameras, microbolometer infrared cameras, C-scan ultrasonic immersion tank, 3D-printer, among other equipment.

The NDE/SHM Laboratory works closely with the Charles Lee Powell Structural Research Laboratories in those studies requiring large-scale testing capabilities.