Large-scale Test Facility for Studies of Neutral Temperature/Buckling Detection in Continuous Welded Rail

The UCSD/FRA Large-scale Rail NT/Buckling Testbed
AREMA Committee 4 – Rail Meeting, April 2011


  • Department of Transportation/Federal Railroad Administration
  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway (in-kind)


  • Prof. Chia-Ming Uang, UCSD
  • Volpe National Transportation Center


A unique experimental facility for the study of thermal loads in rails, and for the development of in-situ techniques for the measurement of these thermal loads or, equivalently, the rail Neutral Temperature.


A large-scale Test Facility for the study of thermal stresses and buckling of rails was constructed under FRA funding with in-kind material donation by BNSF. The setup is hosted at UCSD’s Powell Structural Laboratories, the largest laboratories in the country for large-scale structural testing. The test-bed features a 70 ft-long, full rail track with ballast and wood ties, pretensioned to obtain a desired value of NT. Controlled heating of the rail is achieved through a specially designed rail switch heating wire.

This unique facility allows to impose thermal cycles to the rail in a controlled laboratory environment. In addition, the set-up allows to set different levels of Neutral Temperature to the test track. The facility is being primarily used to develop UCSD’s Rail-NT system for the measurement of the rail NT. Other researchers funded by the FRA have also tested their technologies at the UCSD facility.


Selected Publications:

Nucera, C. and Lanza di Scalea, F., “Nondestructive Measurement of Neutral Temperature in Continuous Welded Rails By Nonlinear Ultrasonic Guided Waves,” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, in press, 2014.

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